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Health + Safety

As a company CGI Solutions and all its employees adhere to a safety Policy in line with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1984.


Our Safety Policy Statement describes our commitment to uphold safe working practice.


This onsite experience ensures that CGI Solutions is well accustomed to site requirements, specifications and standards, which combined with an upmost commitment to workplace safety and quality assurance.


At CGI Solutions we ensure that all staff and subcontractors follow and complete the below:

  • Safety Procedures.
  • Tools and equipment are all tagged and tested.
  • VOC’s for tools and equipment.
  • Tickets for required machinery.
  • Safety checklists & registers.
  • Strict drug and alcohol policy’s.
  • CGI Solutions provide each employee with all safety equipment and clothing.
  • All staff complete regular First Aid training.
  • Material safety data sheets supplied for products used by CGI Solutions



CGI Solutions Regards itself with the highest level of competency and workmanship.

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