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Spadaccini Homes


This property was vacant with an average 20-degree gradient from the front to the rear of the block.


As you can see in the photos, the injection took place on the southern boundary next to a live driveway. At a depth of 1.3m to 4.6m with the width of the injection varying.


As discussed with the builder and the neighbor, we injected on the edge of the driveway allowing neighboring traffic to travel on during construction.


The Injection worked well in the area, with full knowledge of the underground services. Limestone was found at the base of the injection. This wasn’t considered trouble for the grout installation.


This was documented and relayed to the earth workers. We worked closely with them on the excavation and this was a big success. With no damage being recorded to surrounds and minimal disturbance.



47 West Coast Drive Watermans Bay


Chemical Grout Injection Required

38LM ranging in depth from 1.3m to 4.6m.


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